Amanda International is based in Cartago.  This city’s dedicated labor force and strong local expertise allow Amanda International direct access to the best labor, skills and experience the region has to offer.

Costa Rica offers ports on its Atlantic and Pacific coasts, both easily accessible from Amanda International's facility.

Bridging two continents, Costa Rica has the unique advantage of ports on both its Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Amanda International can ship by sea — on every sea — allowing our customers to employ their preferred shipping companies, using Free Carrier (FCA) terms. The Pacific (Caldera) and Atlantic (Limon) ocean ports are each less than 130 kilometers from Amanda International.

Amanda International offers a well-developed logistics infrastructure, superior raw materials and direct access to trucking and shipping.

Building on its well-developed logistics infrastructure, Amanda International offers substantial cost savings to its customers. As a member of the Deshler Group family of companies, Amanda is able to import high-quality raw materials from the U.S., including superior grades of steel, through its partner, Global Transportation Management. Located in Cartago, in the Zeta Free Trade Zone and Industrial Park, Amanda International enjoys direct access to trucking and shipping and offers rapid solutions to customer requests.